Kopi Luwak has been around since the Dutch colonial era 350 years ago. When the Dutch came to Indonesia, they saw the potential for a good plantation in Indonesia. Fertile soils make all plants grow well here. At that time, the coffee crop in Indonesia is not yet known, therefore the Dutch later expanding into various regions in Indonesia to start making coffee plantations.

Coffee is the drink of the nobility at the time. In Europe, coffee is well-known, and has a very high price. Holland uses the Indonesian peoples as workers to plant coffee. Coffee plantation grown rapidly, and thrives in Indonesia. But unfortunately, the people of Indonesia are not allowed to enjoy the coffee of their hard work.


Coffee farmers at the time, if they want to enjoy a coffee, they were forced to collect the coffee beans from the droppings of civet luwak (civet). Luwak is known as an animal that likes to eat the coffee berry that has been riped perfectly. However, because of its weak digestion, undigested coffee beans do not come, still intact out with their feces.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that coffee processed from luwak droppings have a tremendous pleasure. Then it is heard by the ears of the Netherlands. And they then ordered all farmers to collect all the droppings of the bean to produced become Kopi Luwak .


It was the early history of Kopi Luwak, real original Indonesian products, which were found by the accidentally.

Why buy Kopi Luwak from JPW Coffee?

JPW Coffee is a coffee producer from Indonesia that focuses on Kopi Luwak trade. Our Kopi Luwak comes from wild luwak are assured of authenticity, quality, and its stability.

1. Process

Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee comes from the Gayo highlands ofAceh, Indonesia with the Arabica veriety. We only produce Kopi Luwak that comes from Wild Luwak. We do not sell kopi luwak from captivity. Therefore our Kopi Luwak production in each month is very limited.

Our Kopi Luwak were collected from more than 21 villages in Gayo Takengon, Aceh. Every morning all farmers went to the forest and coffee plantations to collect the luwak feces that still perfectly shaped, has not contaminated by environment and animals. The feces is collected and then wash thoroughly, then dry under the sun.

Once dried, the beans are then mashed to get a green bean. Once were get the green bean,  the green bean dried under the sun to reach the water content of 12-13%. Then the green bean civet coffee were process being roasted bean and powder, and then we pack we sell in to the market.

2. Quality

Talking about the quality, wild kopi luwak is undoubtedly had the best quality. We process the Kopi Luwak start from the feces into roasted bean with a strict standard operational procedure, and it processed of with high-tech machinery, so it will give the best quality of Kopi Luwak and stable.

You can try our Kopi luwak in small quantity first. If suitable, you can buy our coffee luwak in large quantities, so you really get the appropriate quality of money that you spend.

3. Stability

We already have a good network of farmers and reliable. We can guarantee the quality of our Kopi Luwak will always be stable over time. So for anyone want to do the Kopi Luwak business, you do not have to worry about the quality and stability of Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee.

4. Support

We are ready to provide the best support for our customers and partners worldwide. All the obstacles that you face we will help as much as possible. If you have any questions, suggestions, and criticisms, you can send us an email. We will reply to your email within 1×24 hours.

5. Certification

We have had a complete certification of Kopi Luwak. We have 6 certifications issued by the Government of Indonesia, Coffee Organization, and also test the quality of institutions and the composition of Sucofindo.

You should not hesitate to buy our Kopi Luwak! Call us now, we are ready to delivery the Kopi Luwak to  your addres !