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JPW Coffee sells Kopi Luwak Arabica from Aceh Gayo, Indonesia. We are sell two types of Kopi Luwak:

  1. Kopi Luwak Premium Grade
  2. Kopi Luwak Gold Grade

Kopi Luwak Premium Grade

Coffee berry is one of the favorite food for luwak. luwak Coffee berry will only eat that has been ripe perfectly. Because of its weak digestion, coffee beans are not crushed, so it can come out with the civet droppings

Our Kopi Luwak was collected from Wild Luwak which live free in forest. Our Kopi luwak came from more than 21 villages in Takengon, Aceh. Our farmers collected all the coffee bean in the morning. They are going to forest to collecting luwak feces.

Spesifikasi dari Kopi Luwak Premium Grade:

  1. Origin: Aceh Gayo
  2. Arabica Variety
  3. Wild Kopi Luwak
  4. Water content 12% – 13%
  5. Stock available 150 – 250kg/month

Kopi Luwak Peaberry Gold Grade

Our Kopi Luwak Peaberry has very limited stock. We sorted all the bean carefully and manually by hand. Kopi Luwak Peaberry percentage arround 3-5% from all beans. In 100kg Green bean, we only can collected arround 5kg. Kopi Luwak Peaberry has special taste which different than Kopi Luwak Premium Grade.

Below is General Characteristic for our Kopi Luwak:

  1. Aroma: Fruity
  2. Acidity: Low
  3. Body: Medium
  4. Flavour: Sweet
  5. Aftertaste: Long and Clean

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