About Us

JPW Coffee is coffee company from the Indonesia which focused in the Kopi Luwak Trader. JPW Coffee was founded in 2011. We are selling Kopi Luwak from Aceh Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia.

JPW Coffee is under JPW Group holding company that focused in three business areas:

  1. JPW Creative – Website Developer & Online Marketing Consultant
  2. JPW Coffee – Indonesian Coffee Supplier
  3. JPW Packaging – Foil and Packaging Supplier
kopi luwakStarting from our love of the world of coffee, we started this business from zero. We started to learn everything about Kopi Luwak. We learned how to properly process the kopi luwak feces, how to roast the green bean appropriately, and learn how to market it. Until now we’ve had hundreds of loyal customers from all over the world who regularly buy coffee our Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee.

We continue to strive maintain the quality and stability of Kopi Luwak that we sell. We only sell Kopi Luwak from wild Luwak which lives in forest, because it knows that the quality of the wild Kopi luwak with the right process have a much better quality than the Kopi Luwak from Cages.

In the business of Kopi Luwak, we have 4 advantages:

  1. Best quality
  2. Original and 100% Pure Kopi Luwak
  3. Stable
  4. Hygienic and safe for consumption
  5. Fast service to customers and partners

To learn more about Kopi Luwak JPW Coffee, you can directly contact us via phone, email, or come directly to our office.

Thank you